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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". 
   Nelson Mandela
Infant Class

6 Weeks to 12 months

Ratio: 1:5

Our infant program offers a 1:5 ratio. We have developed a curriculum that allows children to explore our environment utilizing their natural curiosity and their five senses. The infant program features Action Based Learning that stimulates the brain to support cognitive development, physical development, and social and emotional development.

1 Year to 24 months

Ratio: 1:5

2 -Year Old Preschool Class

Tiny Tots

Ratio: 1:9

Children in our Tiny Tots class are provided the opportunity to explore and engage through our creative curriculum that fosters knowledge of their five senses and the world around them.  Learning components include sand, water, dramatic play, blocks, science, fine motor and gross motor development as well as social-emotional development.

3-Year Old Preschool Class

Inventors Club

Ratio 1:13

Children in our Inventors class explore learning through play!  Through play, our inventors develop social-emotional skills, cognitive skills as well as fine motor and gross motor skills.  Learning components include writing, science, technology, engineering, art  and math concepts.  Using differentiated instruction, and the South Carolina Early Learning Standards, the teacher has an opportunity to meet the needs of all children.

4 - K Transitional Kindergarten Class

Explorers Club

Ration 2: 24

Children in our Explorers Club explore and express themselves using their expressive and receptive language skills. Our transitional class prepare young learners for kindergarten.  Social Skills are reinforced as well as academic learning.  Curriculum includes the South Carolina State Standards

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